Mordy Gets Enlightened

Mordy Gets a Headshot - 1

by Eric Raanan Fischman

Available for Purchase Here


Prays for Mordy:

This book creates for the reader exactly what the author aches for himself: “a temporary transfer to a dark moon”.

There’s so much sadly human beauty that pulses through these pages, and we get to know the protagonist, Mordy, as though we stole a diary that we were never supposed to read. But we do read it, and it is impossible to turn our face away from it, because within these pages is the truth that nobody wants to admit about themselves.

If Fischman ever happens to end up in the Coma World with me, I will shake his hand, have my servants fix him some waffles, pour him a snifter of bathtub gin, and sweet talk him into joining forces with me. He is a prophet in the making. He is a priest. He will make a fine addition to my army of the unconscious. We have been waiting many, many years for someone like this. We have been waiting a lifetime.

 E. Lockhardt

His quietly cats sip wax his promise the warm hiding smile. In himself, even before his isolation eyes, Mordy makes a body creak. Do you love eyes? Muscles? Hum? Blood? Skin? As to the need, medicine he’d lick all day, not slipping the whistle. That’s Mordy: a generously invented illusion.

The Red King

Dear Mister Mordy,

Hidden treasure! We were jumping for joy when we found your sweater, your seeds, and the tucked-away stars pressed between the pages. Dolores laughed so much when she said “tree!,” we began to think “tree!” was the word for laughter. And now it is. Dear Mister Mordy, this book IS the perfect sentence. And we so loved to read.

all our love and treeeee!!!!,

Star & September

Does Mordy become Trodon, is Trodon an alter play ego of Mordy? Does he ride Trodon? Is he fighting Trodon? Is this a flashback from kid times playing with his uncle? Is Trodon Mordy’s uncle Lester’s playtime creation? Reincarnation?

Does he have fish for Trodon? Is Trodon Mordy Uncle Lester Finding Fish? Does Trodon can rat the fish while he is riding Mordy? In Spring, the onions are sure to appear. Thanks for fish!


Mordy’s type fella that’ll tip quarters before the song even started then drop a dollar by the first chorus and dance the change keep away. He gets into bidding wars with his heart has gotta go to church to get the Broadway out. Yeah the Broadway church that spot wonks Mordy helps out there like he is one of the gang leaves to the night party with his head up and back turned brings the sun up restored with an electric fuck of Hallelujah. Mordy is a comrade in encore and I haven’t seen him since.

Todd Lastyear

Mordy is the most relatable character in all of literature.

Tootles Methuselah

Available for Purchase Here

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