Dust & Light

by Joseph Braun

Dust & Light-page039– Dust & Light



Here is where it begins to make sense.
A seed, wet and warm in the lightless
ground, bursts through itself, then
through the soil, then through the air
and, thus grown, says:

“I am good. I belong here,

This fifty-two part prayer, also named Life in the Year, describes the task of the detective, the task of the monk, the task of the artist, the task of the surgeon, the seed the flower, the human,

such that one might meet faith enough in the power of questioning & engage that which is just,  such that one may walk a clear path; such that if one may lay bare the collective joy & pain of existence, we may all perhaps find a manner within creation to hear & somewhere to reclaim ourselves.

within matter and beyond it. I stretch out
my hands and hold the sun; I part my
lips and inhale the moon. I name as
much as possible because I feel
everything and I know that a name
lives well where it is planted.

“[Joseph Braun] is in touch with things that we should be in touch with—we once were but no longer are. In touch with the heavens. And hells. In a correspondence with them. He lives in them and he brings them to us and us to them.”— Indigo Deany


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