The Little Door is an independent publisher of poetry & other sorts of words.

We are humbly put primates but seeking to support an imperative to make. The effort as a singular array of earnest collaborations. Panels & latchworks & keyholes off the miniature passage through, in the interest broadsure of those who know to play. & those who care to carry them.

Blankly, the books are meant for the pocket of a person heading to the train. They are the sorts of words to travel over, return to, & which seek to excite (& less to incense) the sublime extremes of experience which unfold out of careful looking. Out of listening large, first becoming small.

The little door in Alice in Wonderland becomes the namesake of this space out of its phenomenal expression of both the power of imagination & the incumbency on the human to shed enough of their mass to afford entrance. Our taller selves, our more-suited-to-the-ordinary selves, can look through the door & witness a very large world, but obviously we must make ourselves very small in order to enter that large world.

We have gathered that the encouragement of curious ears & carefully honest tongues pertains & is pertained to by the having of books & the reading of them & the speaking with them.

We want to faithfully represent works of remarkable sanity & intelligent beauty & stupid beauty. We want to invite compassionate & imaginative listening. We want to remember the urgency of patience.


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