On Exquisite Disgust

INTERIORWALKER1-page055Joseph Braun, The Lune 

Tara Walker’s poems read like beings polished into existence over millennia. Creatures and behavioral forms stand sentinel over the taxis of this unparalleled American psychogeography, inviting us into the dark (and dazzlingly bright) recesses of our daily lives and tired bodies. That we are here exploring the sublime—and depoliticizing the rational management of such—is an understatement. The utility of Walker’s language exceeds its transactional precedent; by consciously tapping the figures and features of life to which we are mostly averse, she charges language with primordial meter. Exquisite Disgust is the feral child of Giotto’s “St. Francis Preaching to the Birds” and Allison Cobb’s After We Died. A contemporary classic walks upright through The Little Door…



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